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Our Help in Ages Past, Our Hope for Years to Come

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church has a history which dates back to the pioneer days of Saskatchewan.  In the fall of 1918 a mission project began with services conducted in German. The first English services began in 1920. January 29, 1928, St. Peter's became a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Plans began for construction of a church building at 1005 Second Street in Estevan.  St. Peter's Lutheran Church was dedicated in June 1930.  By 1956 the congregation was financially debt free.  Pastors who served at this time:

  • Reverend W.A. Reitz

  • Reverend R.D. Ludwig

  • Reverend K.J. Durdel

  • Reverend R.K. Holm

  • Reverend K.F. Eisele

  • Reverend A.E. Koslowsky

  • Reverend J.C. Werschler

  • Reverend H.C. Wolters

  • Reverend L.S. Winter

  • Reverend L.A. Koehler


Reverend R.K. Holm was ordained and installed August 6, 1960. In February 1961 a Building Committee was set up and in 1963 property was purchased in the north part of the city at a cost of $5,000. Ground breaking ceremonies took place May 1964. Construction of the new Church began in June. The cost of the building was $101,000 and the furniture $7,000. A loan of $85,000 was made with the Royal Bank of Canada. The old church was in service until 1964 and was sold for $15,000 in August 1964.


The new St. Peter's Lutheran Church at 130 Souris Avenue North Estevan, was dedicated November 22, 1964. A new manse was built behind the Church and completed in 1965.


Mortgage burning ceremonies took place April 9, 1978. Reverend Holm was then elected President of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan District and left Estevan in May 1978. Vicar Bob Wagner arrived in June 1978 and left in May 1979 to continue studies. Reverend Rudolf Zwingle served from December 1978 until October the following year. Reverend Beiderweiden then served as vacancy Pastor until Reverend Ron Meyr was installed July 6, 1980 and served until 1986. Vicar B. Burt served in 1985, leaving in the summer of 1986 (Lutheran Church Canada). Reverend Ron Mohr was installed as our new Pastor in the summer of 1986 and served until 1989.


St. Peter's congregation was without a pastor May 1989 until July 1990. Worship services continued every Sunday. Reverend Allan Harlos from Wolseley and Reverend Simpson from Grenfell led the evening services twice a month. Laymen from the congregation led the morning services. Reverend K. Reisdorf of Frobisher taught the confirmation classes and also confirmed the second year class.


On July 8, 1990 Reverend Gary Keunsel was installed. May 29, 1994 St. Peter's Lutheran Church celebrated their 75th Anniversary! Thanks be to God. Reverend Keunsel served until the summer of 1995. During Reverend Keunsel's time, JoAnn Benson served as Christian Education, Music and Youth Director during 1991 and 1992 and Ralph Arndt served as Director of Christian Outreach beginning in 1992.


In September 1995, Reverend Dale Mohr was installed. Bob Schultz served as Deacon from 1999 to 2007. In 2001, a new building project for St. Peter's was undertaken under the theme "Growing and Building for Christ" led by Reverend Les Gierach from Edmonton. Proposed plans called for an 8,000 square foot facility adding a new sanctuary, narthex, offices and main floor washrooms to the existing building. The new sactuary would have a seating capacity of 400. The goal was to fill the needs such as:

















St. Peter's mission is to actively reach out in friendship and compassion to all our members, our community and the world at large with the good news of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.


The addition had a cost of $750,000. Final services after 38 years in the old sanctuary took place on Sunday, September 15, 2002. Services began in the new sanctuary Sunday, September 22, 2002. St. Peter's Lutheran Church was dedicated November 17, 2002.


Reverend Dale Mohr left in July 2003. Reverend G. Lutz served as our vacancy Pastor. Reverend Claire Denninger arrived in June 2004 and was installed July 11, 2004. In August 2007 he accepted a call to Grace Lutheran Church, Pembroke, Ontario.


The process of calling a Pastor began in March 2008, Reverend Randy Kleemola accepted the call to St. Peter's. His installation took place in May 2008. A traditional service was held at 9:30 am and a contemporary service at 11 am. During the vacancy, the following Pastors served as guest Preachers:

















In 2009, the congregation made a decision to combine the two separated services into one blended service at 10:30 am.


St. Peter's has been very pleased to have a variety of missions and activities and many still offered today:


  • St. Peter's Women's Mission Circle (disbanded in 2011)

  • The Lutherans Women's Missionary League (LWML)

  • Stephen Ministries

  • Moms & Tots

  • Senior Fellowship

  • Telecare Prayer Ministry

  • St. Peter's Lutheran Youth Group

  • Walther League

  • All nighter Youth New Year's celebration for community at large

  • Hiz Kids

  • Concerts led by Crew Ministries music teams

  • Lutheran Layman's League



Today, St. Peter's stays active with:

  • Active boards consisting of Elders, Trustees, Missions, Stewardship, Education and Youth

  • Adult Inquirers classes

  • Bible Studies

  • Confirmation classes

  • Sunday School

  • St. Peter's Youth Group

  • Vacation Bible School

  • LWML

  • Ministries to hospital and nursing homes

  • Christmas mission activities:  Angel Tree, Toy Store, Hampers & assisting the Salvation Army Kettle program

  • Various mission initiatives in conjunction with CLWR

  • St. Peter's Eaters supper club

  • Annual Fowl Supper, Seniors and Potluck dinners

  • Library


Today, we celebrate with Praise and Thanksgiving to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.





  • permanent Sunday School rooms

  • cry room and larger nursery

  • more meeting rooms

  • main floor washrooms

  • improved access for elderly and hanicap

  • larger narthex

  • larger area for worship teams

  • sound improvement

  • multi-media equipment

  • beautification of church

  • upgrading of physical plant to meet code

  • Reverend Darwin Pollard

  • Reverend Terry Defoe

  • Reverend Irwin Pudrycki

  • Reverend Ted Giese

  • Reverend David Ramsey

  • Reverend Chimirri-Russell

  • Reverend Rosnau

  • Reverend Allan Harlos

  • Reverend Thomas Prachar

  • Reverend Sye VanMaanen

  • Reverend Donald Koch

Historic St. Peter's Lutheran Church
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